0patch and GDPR

mitja.kolsek -

0patch service collects no personally-identifiable information (PII) from customers. (See which information is being collected.)

While IP addresses of computers running 0patch Agent are collected in order to allow customers' administrators to recognize computers in their networks, no other related data is collected that these IP addresses could be associated with to produce PII.

As far as customer data goes, 0patch (ACROS d.o.o.) is therefore not a GDPR Data Processor.

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    My name is Joseph Giuliano – Joseph.Giuliano@ntlworld.com -, I've used your service in the past. 

    I ask you to please delete any personal data of mine you have stored on your systems.

    Please also delete my account.

    Would appreciate your cooperation and an email confirming when the deletion has been completed.

    Thank you,

    Joseph Giuliano


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