I have multi-factor authentication enabled in 0patch Central but lost my credentials - how do I regain access?

mitja.kolsek -

If you lost your MFA credentials, you have these options for regaining access:

  1.  Recovery codes: When you set up MFA in your user account, you were provided with a set of 10 recovery codes that we hope you stored some place safe for this exact case. Each recovery code can be used once so it's good to strike out the ones you have already used to avoid confusion.
  2. Contact another admin or owner in your 0patch account: Account owner and every administrator can remove MFA from any user in the same account by going to ACCOUNT -> USERS and clicking on your user. On the "Edit User" dialog, there is a "REMOVE" link in the MFA section that removes MFA from your account. After this, you will be able to login with email and password again, and set up MFA anew.
  3. Contact 0patch support: When none of the above is available, you can email 0patch support at support@0patch.com and ask for MFA to be removed from your account. Please note that this is a critical security-relevant operation (also something an attacker might want us to do after stealing your password), and may include various requests for proving ownership of your user account and can take a lot of time. It is really in our mutual interest for #1 or #2 above to work for you ;)
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