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0patch is a microscopic solution for a huge security problem. It delivers tiny patches of code to computers worldwide to fix software vulnerabilities through which criminals and spies can break in and take control.

These "3rd party" fixes (we call them “micropatches”) are tiny patches of code (usually just a few bytes – so small that they could be delivered via Twitter), making them inexpensive to test and review, and extremely unlikely to cause functional problems to corrected software. Moreover, system administrators are able to apply or remove them without having to re-launch corrected applications (much less restart computers), avoiding any downtime for users that is typically associated with official security updates. 


0patch is resolving various painful IT security issues of today:


The Pain The 0patch Solution
No vendor patches are available for 0day vulnerabilities, leaving users exposed to 0day attacks.  0patch provides patches for various 0day vulnerabilities using our extensive global network of security researchers.
Patches exist, but are not applicable (e.g. many Java applications require particular version of Java, so it is not possible to update to the latest version). 0patch provides patches for non-current (old) versions of applications (including Java), preventing attackers from exploiting known security bugs.
Official patch deployment is expensive, causing a huge financial burden for big corporations. 0patch is extremely light-weight, allowing you to apply and remove patches in running processes instantly without a need to restart applications or reboot computers.
Vendor patches could be extremely complex and replace hundreds of megabytes of code, making it impossible to control code on critical systems. Our patches are so tiny that an administrator can manually review each one of them before deploying it. An average micropatch consists of just a few machine code instructions.
Patch deployment testing is very difficult for high-availability systems (especially if patching requires system restart). 0patch never requires you to restart a computer, or even relaunch an application or restart a service. Our patches are applied to running processes - and removed from them if you so choose.
Large vendor patches often break or modify functionalities. Each micropatch addresses one single vulnerability and introduces no functional changes to the application. Users will never notice that our patch has been installed.
No patches are available for custom-built software. We can create micropatches for any software product you may be using.
Legacy software is often unsupported and without security fixes. We can create micropatches for software that is no longer supported, even if its vendor no longer exists. If you're using it, we can patch it.
No patches are available for many widely used, but no-longer-supported platforms (e.g. Windows XP or Microsoft Office 2003). We create micropatches for unsupported Windows platforms and products, allowing you to continue using them with maximum possible protection.
No patches are available because software vendor does not exist any-more. We can create micropatches for software that is no longer supported, even if its vendor no longer exists.
Absence of security patches means non-compliance with various standards. Our patches can help you stay compliant with standards that require staying up-to-date with security fixes.
Patch production, testing and deployment are very expensive for software vendors. Developing, testing and deploying of micropatches is as inexpensive as it could possibly be.


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