What are the advantages of 0patch compared to Extended Security Updates?

Mitja Kolsek -

  0patch Extended Security Updates
Price for single computer
(without volume discount and taxes)
26 USD* for one year
78 USD* for three years

* 0patch prices are originally in EUR; above USD prices are approximated
Windows 7 Enterprise

25 USD for year 1
50 USD for year 2
100 USD for year 3
175 USD for three years

Windows 7 Pro

50 USD for year 1
100 USD for year 2
200 USD for year 3
350 USD for three years

Windows Server 2008 R2

"approximately 75% of the on-premises license cost annually" (source)

and downtime
No computer restarts, users continue to use applications while patches are being applied Computer restart is usually required
Bandwidth In kilobytes per month In megabytes per month
(in case of problems)
Instant, requires no restart Computer restart is usually required
Deployment In 60 minutes or less to all  computers When computers can be safely restarted


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