Network Bandwidth Consumption

mitja.kolsek -

0patch is really, really light on your bandwidth. In a default setting, each 0patch agent contacts ("syncs with") the server once every hour when connected to the Internet, and a typical sync consumes less than 4.5 kilobytes in each direction on the Ethernet level. (This includes Ethernet, IP, TCP and TLS layers). When a new micropatch is downloaded from the server, the download link is burdened with an additional 1-2 kilobytes per micropatch. (Note that the actual micropatch code is much smaller, typically under 30 bytes; the rest is for metadata and additional bytes on lower network layers.)

For most enterprises this means that even a large fleet of computers can communicate with our cloud-based server without a noticeable network disruption. However, if needed the frequency of syncing can be adjusted to the available bandwidth.

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