How many 0patch micropatches are relevant to my computers?

mitja.kolsek -

The answer to this question varies in time because (1) your computers are changing with each new product installation or removal, and each product or Windows update; and (2) we're issuing new micropatches and porting them to different product and OS versions according to our guidelines.

To get the exact answer for a particular computer, you can install 0patch Agent on that computer and register it with a 0patch account (no purchase needed). After the initial scan for patchable  modules is completed (usually in under a minute on an SSD drive), launch 0patch Console and see the RELEVANT PATCHES list on the PATCHES tab - these are the patches that would be applied to processes on your computer whenever any of the discovered patchable modules are used.

Some of the RELEVANT PATCHES may be marked as AVAILABLE, which means they are not part of the FREE license - you will need to purchase a PRO or ENTERPRISE license to have them applied.

It can happen that there are no relevant patches for your computers at a given time. It's important to know that 0patch is not a replacement for official vendor security fixes but rather an additional layer of defense where original vendors decide not to fix a vulnerability or take too long to fix it.

For instance, 0patch can have no micropatches for you for months, then suddenly save you from a 0day attack. But as we issue more micropatches and since we've security-adopted Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and legacy Windows 10 versions, there is an increasing number of always-relevant micropatches there.

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