Does 0patch add value on still-supported Windows versions such as Windows 10/11 or Server 2022?

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While many users are choosing 0patch to keep their out-of-support Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 systems secure, there is a lot to gain from 0patch on still-supported Windows systems:
  1. Protection from critical 0days in Windows components. A good example is our micropatch for CVE-2020-0674, which implements Microsoft's recommended workaround but without the negative side effects. This micropatch was made for all Windows 10 and supported Server versions so that users got a non-breaking protection while waiting for the official fix. (Note that such micropatches are issued for critical 0days, but large customers can also request one being made due to their specific situation and exposure.)
    More examples: 0day in Jet Database Engine, 0day in Task Scheduler, another 0day in Task Scheduler, this 0day three-pack, 0day in Internet Explorer

  2. Protection from critical 0days in other Windows products, for example these 0days in Equation Editor, 0day in Microsoft Word,

  3. Protection from critical 0days in 3rd-party software products such as Zoom, Adobe Reader, 7-Zip, Foxit Reader, WinRAR,... see and for more examples.

  4. Protection for 3rd-party products that are out of support but you must use them for legacy reasons, e.g., old Java runtime versions.

  5. Protection for 3rd-party products that you can't afford to just restart in order to apply official update, such as this issue in VMware Workstation.

  6. [On request] Protection for 3rd-party products where the vendor wants to charge you a large amount to have some vulnerability fixed (e.g., "You have to upgrade to the latest version of our product which has this issue fixed. It only costs $100k.").

  7. Temporary protection when the official update breaks some functionality and you have to uninstall it, re-opening critical vulnerabilities while the vendor is working on a new fix. In such cases, we can make a temporary micropatch to keep you protected during this period (e.g.,

  8. Security micropatches for Office 2010 or Office 2013, if you're using them.
0patch can save you from big troubles when a high risk 0day gets published that requires quick protection, and it gives you an option to request custom micropatches for your particular needs.
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    Interesting to know when I have to purchase a computer with Windows 10.

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