[OBSOLETE ARTICLE] "Patchable module found" string appears in console-based applications

mitja.kolsek -

[This article has been obsoleted by our issuing of 0patch Agent version We've archived it to preserve links pointing to it.]

[Update 4/2/2020 - We have issued micropatches #423 and #426 for this issue. Make sure your agent has synced to download these patches, or trigger a sync manually via 0patch Console.]

We're aware of a bug in 0patch Agent version (current version) that causes writing a string starting with "Patchable module found" to standard output stream of all applications it patches, with impact ranging from annoyance (when seeing this string in a freshly launched cmd.exe) to functional problems in applications that spawn new processes and parse their output to standard output stream. We suspect the Discord application may suffer from this and have received report from a user about a business application exhibiting faulty behavior due to this.

While we work on a fix, users are advised to exclude the affected application from patching by launching 0patch Console, opening Applications -> Patched Applications, locating the affected application(s) and disabling it(them) from patching.



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    The temporary workaround worked.  Do you send email updates when this kind of problem gets fixed? (because it will require a manual action on my part to re-enable the patch for this application).

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    This did fix my problem with Samsung Magician application. Great job!

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