0patch Agent Release Notes - Version

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Release date: 8/4/2020

User manual: https://0patch.com/files/0patch_Agent_User_Manual_20.06.18.10800.pdf


New Features

  • A new once-every-three-days "MISSING PATCHES" summary pop-up is now the only pop-up alerting the user about relevant missing patches that would get applied on their computer had they purchased a license. This pop-up replaces individual "PATCH AVAILABLE" pop-ups that were lately shown annoyingly often to users with 0patch FREE regardless of their pop-up setting.


Bug Fixes

  • User interface bugs
    • Displaying the log in 0patch Console is now significantly faster.
    • The log is now displayed in chronological order - most recent events at the bottom.
    • Clicking on the "PATCHES WERE NOT APPLIED" number in 0patch Console opens up a list of patches that would have been applied had there been a valid license, but weren't.
    • The text under Pop-Up Settings has a higher contrast now, making it easier to read.
    • Various textual changes to make the console easier to understand: "Installed patches" is now "Licensed patches", "All available patches" is now "Patches available for purchase", "Relevant available patches" is now "Relevant patches", the "LAST SYNC" box now also states "patches are still getting applied" when agent is unable to connect to server
    • Patches are now sorted in descending order by default, showing the latest patches at the top
    • The "LICENSE" box now provides more information about the license (type of license, expiration); it is also ready for the upcoming changes on the server.
    • The "AGENT VERSION" box does not flicker anymore.
    • 0patch logo was corrected in various places.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Pop-up setting "Inform me only about system events" does not include individual "PATCH AVAILABLE" pop-ups anymore.
    • Pop-ups are not shown if any application is currently in full screen mode.
    • 0patch scanner pop-up now contains text "(may be duplicates)" to explain that newly found patchable modules on the computer may be duplicates of previously found ones.
    • Agent now sends statistics to the server upon re-registration. Previously, the server did not have correct agent data when user re-registered to another account.
    • When a new patchable module is found on the computer, a sync is triggered to make sure this information reaches the server as quickly as possible.
    • Applications listed in 0patch Console can no longer have an empty name. When no application name is present in the executable, the file name is listed.
    • CCleaner.exe and CCleaner64.exe are now excluded by default due to multiple reported compatibility issues.
    • 0patch Loader does not print log information to stdout anymore, which was breaking several command-line applications. (This bug was previously micropatched in version
    • Added a missing timestamp to the "X patches revoked" log entry.
    • Service is now using the CurrentControlSet registry key instead of ControlSet001, which was causing the agent to malfunction on some computers.
    • Automatic syncing now starts two minutes after 0patch Service is started to give the system time to connect to the Internet.
    • Agent now understands the "Default state for new patches" setting from 0patch Central, allowing the patching policy to apply immediately upon receiving a new patch.
    • The AutoUpdate registry value is now ignored on a remotely managed agent.
    • If sync fails, the agent keeps re-sending the list of patchable modules on subsequent syncs until it succeeds. Previously, this information could take a long time to arrive to the server.
    • Non-ASCII characters are now correctly encoded before sent to the server. This bug, which we micropatched in version, caused severe syncing problems for numerous agents.


Known Issues

  • The "SIGN IN" dialog in 0patch Console has links for "SIGN UP FOR A FREE ACCOUNT" and "FORGOT PASSWORD?" interchanged. Users clicking these links will still be able to complete the desired operation but text in received emails will sound confusing to them.



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    Evidently there are now new bugs;  my existing crashed when I attempted to install the new  Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

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    Hi subs_hm256, thanks for reporting this. I've created a ticket from your comment and we'll reply from there.

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