Am I allowed to use 0patch for free (without purchasing a license)?

Mitja Kolsek -

0patch is free* for personal, non-commercial, non-work related use, and you can have as many agents installed as you want - put them on your own computers or your family's computers, physical or virtual machines, as long as these computers are not being used for work-related purposes. (The only exception are not-for-profit educational institutions such as public schools, which can use 0patch free on work computers.)

You must purchase a 0patch PRO license for every 0patch Agent running on a computer, either physical or virtual, used for work-related, commercial or for-profit purposes. (More details here.)

 * Note that 0patch FREE does not include all micropatches. (More details here.)


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    Era la domanda che volevo fare anche io.Grazie, ora ho capito

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    Systran translation has the above comment as:

    That was the question I wanted to ask myself. Thank you, I understand.

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