What data are agents sending to 0patch server, and why?

mitja.kolsek -

Agents are sending telemetry data to the server for two purposes:

  1. to allow computer owners and administrators to remotely monitor 0patch Agents on their computers;
  2. to allow us to help users troubleshoot problems and prioritize vulnerabilities for micropatching based on their impact on our users.

This is the data that agents are periodically sending to the server (once every hour by default):

  • Computer name
  • Operating system version
  • IP address(es) of the computer running the agent
  • Current state of the agent (enabled/disabled)
  • List of disabled patches
  • List of applications excluded from patching
  • List of patches that have been applied to individual applications, along with how many times they were applied and when they were last applied
  • List of "patchable modules" found on the computer (i.e., modules for which micropatches exist)

In addition, agents send these events as they occur to help troubleshoot technical issues:

  • Agent installation initiated
  • Agent uninstallation initiated
  • Agent update initiated
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