Can I deploy 0patch Agent to multiple computers using Group Policy Objects (GPO)?

mitja.kolsek -

You can use GPO to deploy 0patch Agents and have them auto-register to your account using your 0patch account key instead of your 0patch account credentials. The account key is only available for Enterprise accounts and obtainable in 0patch Central under the Account page. (Contact to get a trial Enterprise account.)

To deploy via GPO, you will need to create a transform file (MST) using some or all of supported installer arguments. Consult section "Silent Installation and Auto-Registration" of 0patch Agent user manual for the specification of these arguments.

Please note two things:

  1. All arguments in the MST file must be in upper case, e.g., ACCOUNTKEY instead of
  2. When you deploy the agent with GPO, you must not use the integrated update mechanism
    to update the agent (either interactively via 0patch Console, or remotely via 0patch Central),
    as that can lead to agent’s update failing mid-flight, leaving the computer without the agent.
    Therefore, if you use GPO for deploying the agent, you should also update the agent
    via GPO, and set the "Update agents automatically" setting to "No" for all groups in 0patch Central.
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