How many licenses do I need for my computers?

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If you have established that you are not eligible for 0patch FREE and have to purchase 0patch licenses, and decided to purchase 0patch PRO to have access to PRO patches and enhanced support or 0patch Enterprise to have access to enterprise features, you need to know the following:

  1. You need one 0patch license for every computer or device, either physical or virtual, that has 0patch Agent installed regardless of its operating system type or version. For instance, if you install 0patch Agent in a small business network on 50 Windows workstations, 6 Windows Servers, and 20 virtual Windows computers, you need to purchase 50 + 6 + 20 = 76 0patch licenses. As another example, if your work computer is a Windows 10 workstation running three virtual Windows computers in VMware Workstation and have a 0patch Agent installed in all four of them, you need 4 0patch licenses.
  2. Virtualized desktops: You need one 0patch license for every user using a virtualized desktop on the server. For instance, if you have 2000 VDI users on a Citrix server, you need 2000 licenses for that.
  3. Multi-boot computers: If you have multiple operating systems installed on a computer and want to use 0patch on some or all of them, you will need one license for each. 
  4. A single 0patch Account cannot have 0patch FREE and 0patch PRO/Enterprise licenses at the same time. The moment you purchase the first 0patch PRO or Enterprise license for an account, FREE licenses are no longer available in that account. If you are eligible for 0patch FREE but want to use 0patch PRO or Enterprise on some of your computers, you will need to create two 0patch accounts.



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