What are PRO patches and how are they different from FREE patches?

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When we issue a micropatch, we decide whether it will only be offered to users with 0patch PRO/Enterprise license or also to users without one (i.e., 0patch FREE users). A micropatch offered only to 0patch PRO/Enterprise license holders is called a PRO patch, otherwise it's called a FREE patch.

While decisions will be made on a per-case basis, we have set some rough guidelines:

  1. Patches for vulnerabilities affecting predominantly home users and users in educational institutions (e.g., WinRAR or Equation Editor patches) shall be FREE patches.
  2. Patches for 0days that affect many home/educational users, or for 0days that are being exploited in a massive global attack, shall be FREE patches for  some period of time (usually one month), or until official vendor fixes for such 0days are issued, at which time they will turn into PRO patches. In case official vendor decide not to fix the vulnerability, our patches shall become PRO patches.
  3. Patches for issues affecting predominantly organizations (e.g., Windows Server issues) shall generally be PRO patches.
  4. Patches for end-of-life products (e.g., Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, legacy Windows 10 versions, Office 2010) shall generally be PRO patches, with possible exceptions according to #1 or #2 above.


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