[OBSOLETE ARTICLE] 0patch Agent makes my computer slow for several minutes after installation or update to the latest version

mitja.kolsek -

Affected Agent versions: 

Our latest agent includes a new component: a file scanner (0patchScanner.exe), which scans local hard drives for "patchable modules", so that 0patch Console can show you what could (and possibly will) be patched, not just what already has been patched.

The scanner is launched every time 0patch Service is started and every time a new micropatch is downloaded to your computer.

This scanner can work without disturbing your work (which was obviously the goal), but on slower computers, especially those with fragmented magnetic hard drives, this can consume most of your I/O bandwidth and effectively freeze your computer until it's done.

Fortunately we have a registry value that controls whether the scanner is enabled or disabled:


If this value is non-zero (default after installation), the scanner is enabled; set it to 0 to disable the scanner. Whatever this value is set to, it will remain unchanged during future updates of 0patch Agent.

By the way, if the scanner is already running, it's perfectly safe to kill the process (0patchScanner.exe) so you do't have to wait for it to finish.

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