Why use 0patch?

mitja.kolsek -

Security patching is hard, expensive and boring, and undoubtedly you want to simplify it. 0patch provides seamless software patching for anyone who wants to patch important, likely-to-be-exploited vulnerabilities. It helps you shorten your security update gap from months to days (sometimes hours), even for the always-on systems and those without official security patches. On top of that, 0patch can protect you from some of the most critical 0days.

If you:

  • want to fix likely-to-be-exploited vulnerabilities,
  • seek to make your security patching painless and really simple,
  • can’t afford to reboot computers or restart running applications,
  • can’t install official patches for whatever reason,
  • need instant and painless unpatching if something goes wrong,
  • want to protect your computers from the most critical 0days,
  • want to shorten your security update gap to days, or even hours,
  • need to keep your end-of-life or legacy software and keep it secured (Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Office 2010, Windows 10 versions that have reached end of support...),
  • don’t want to install (often undocumented and surprising) functionality changes that inevitably come with traditional “fat” updates,
  • can’t afford to test all the changes official updates come with,
  • want to control/review installed patches installed on your critical systems,
  • don’t want to risk official patches breaking functionalities (a substantial risk with large code changes),
  • can’t upgrade your operating systems or applications due to legacy or interoperability reasons,
  • manage a fleet of computers via low-bandwidth communication channels,
  • are using custom-built software without security patches,

then 0patch could be your essential security tool.

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