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Problem: Comodo Firewall doesn't work after system restart when 0patch Agent is installed

Solution: We're aware of an incompatibility issue with Comodo Firewall whereby enabling the »Enable adaptive mode under low system resources« option results in some Comodo processes failing to launch, and network connectivity being disabled after computer restart. The only workaround for this issue is to untick the »Enable adaptive mode under low system resources« option under HIPS Settings in the Comodo Firewall console.


Problem: Comodo Firewall doesn't start, its user interface cannot be opened and there is no Internet connectivity after installing 0patch Agent. (Reported for Comodo Firewall

Solution: The only way we know of to resolve this issue is to disable the "Enable adaptive mode under low system resources" setting in Comodo Firewall's console under Settings-> HIPS -HIPS Settings. (This setting is disabled by default.)

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