One of my applications is crashing when 0patch Agent is installed

mitja.kolsek -

If 0patch Agent applied at least one patch to the crashing application, you will find the application listed in the Applications page of the 0patch Console. The first thing to try is to exclude this application from patching by switching the button next to it in the list of applications. If this doesn't stop your application from crashing, continue reading.

Some processes don't like 0patch DLL being injected into them, and react by crashing or misbehaving. If you want 0patch Agent to leave some of your processes alone (i.e., not even inject our loader into them), you can edit the registry value named HKLM\Software\0patch\ExcludeModules and list in it names of all executable (.exe) files you want excluded, separated by the pipe character ('|'). For example, to exclude calc.exe and notepad.exe from being injected by 0patch Agent, put "calc.exe|notepad.exe" into the said value. Then to enforce this new setting, you have to change the value of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\0patch\CallbackKeys\UnloadLoaderDll\Counter to any other number than it already has, other than zero (this removes the loader from all processes), and restart the 0patch Service service.

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