0patch Agent fails to install

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If 0patch Agent installation fails, please try some of the following as applicable:

  1. If on Windows 7 or Server 2008 R2, make sure you have January 2020 Windows Update installed.
  2. Download the installation package again and try installing the agent again.
  3. Restart your computer and try installing the agent again.
  4. If 0patch Agent has been installed on the computer before, manually clean up any of its residues:
    1. Execute sc delete 0patchService to delete the 0patch service.
    2. Execute sc delete 0patchDriver to delete the 0patch kernel driver.
    3. Delete the entire 0patch folder under c:\Program Files (on 32-bit Windows) or c:\Program Files (x86) folder (on 64-bit Windows), or wherever you tried to install 0patch Agent if you chose not to use the default location.
    4. Launch regedit.exe as administrator and delete the entire HKLM\Software\0patch registry key.
    5. Try installing the agent again.
  5. If failed installation reported errors 2502 or 2503, please use this article that has helped a few of our users before who had the same problem.
  6. If none of the above helps, please report the details of your problems along with attached c:\Windows\Temp\0patchInstall.log to support@0patch.com
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