How can I change the number of licenses in my subscription?

mitja.kolsek -

You can increase the number of licenses in your subscription any time, and will be charged the pro-rated amount based on the remaining subscription time. You can do this on any active subscription, whether it is set to renew at end of term or not.

You can only decrease the number of licenses at end of subscription term, but you can schedule such change in advance. Scheduling end-of-term changes such as this only makes sense on a subscription that will renew at end of term. If, for instance, you have a non-renewing subscription and you want to both set it to renew and decrease the number of licenses, you need to first enable renewal, and only then schedule the decrease in license number.


To change the number of licenses in your subscription,do the following:

  1. Login to 0patch Central
  2. Open the SUBSCRIPTIONS tab on the Billing page
  3. Locate your subscription and click on it to open its details
  4. Press the CHANGE SUBSCRIPTION button and in the CHANGE TO column of the Change Subscription dialog, set the desired number of licenses
  5. Press NEXT to proceed to the summary where you can confirm the change


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