Broken links for account activation and password reset in some web email applications

mitja.kolsek -

If you register your 0patch account by clicking on "SIGN UP FOR A FREE ACCOUNT" or try to reset your password by clicking on "FORGOT PASSWORD?" in 0patch Console, and then read the received account registration email or password reset email in a web mail application, account activation and password reset links may erroneously lead to a page inside your web mail service's domain. An example of a URL that gets opened is this:

While we're fixing this, you can copy the part of the broken URL starting with "" up until the end of the URL, and open that URL to complete the desired action. If that doesn't work, please contact

0patch account registration and password reset conducted via 0patch Central are not affected.

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    I have downloaded, and installed...and have activated my account...but I keep getting an activation error message!!! Does this app actually work?!?!?!?

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    Hi bemck1, can you please send a screenshot of your error to from the email address you're using for 0patch? Thanks!

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