Configuring SAML Single Sign-On in 0patch Central

mitja.kolsek -

0patch Central supports single sign-on using SAML, but with two limitations:

  1. No support for SAML (Just-In-Time) provisioning: new 0patch accounts cannot get automatically created by logging in with SAML. The user you want to login as with SAML must already exist in 0patch Central.
  2. Since 0patch Central currently doesn't support multiple users in a single account (feature scheduled for Q1/23), you must configure SAML for the single user (email) associated with your 0patch account, and also login to your SAML Identity Provider with the same email address.

While it should be possible to configure SAML for 0patch login with any identity provider, we have prepared detailed instructions for some of the most widely used IDPs:


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