Configuring Okta SAML Single Sign-On to 0patch Central

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If your organization uses Okta, this guide will help you create an App integration for 0patch Central using SAML 2.0.

After the App integration is successfully created, your users will be able to use one-click access to 0patch Central from their Okta End-user Dashboard.


Creating an App integration for 0patch Central

  1. Make sure to have users created in 0patch Central, and that they're active (not just invited).
  2. Log into Okta as administrator.
  3. In the Admin Console, go to Applications > Applications.
  4. Click "Create App Integration".


  5. Select SAML 2.0 as the Sign-in method.


  6. Click "Next".
  7. Configure general settings for the App integration:
    • App name: Specify a name for your 0patch Central integration (i.e. "0patch").
    • App logo: Optional, but you can use this image.
    • App visibility: Choose whether to show 0patch integration to your users.


    • Click "Next"
  8. In another browser tab, login to 0patch Central, go to Account -> Single Sign-On and click the switch button to enable SAML.


  9. A SAML 2.0 configuration requires a combination of data from both your 0patch Central account and the target app:
    • Single sign on URL: The location where the SAML assertion is sent with a POST operation. This URL is required and serves as the default Assertion Consumer Services (ACS) URL value for the Service Provider (SP). This URL is always used for Identity Provider (IdP) initiated sign-on requests.
    • Audience URI (SP Entity ID): The intended audience of the SAML assertion. This is the Entity ID of your 0patch Central account.
    • Name ID format: The username format that you are sending in the SAML Response. Select "EmailAddress" from the dropdown.


  10. Complete the App integration setup in Okta by clicking "Next" and "Finish".
  11. Open the "Sign On" tab in your newly created App integration.
  12. Click "View SAML Setup Instructions" (bottom right under SAML Setup).


  13. Copy the following parameters from the instructions to 0patch Central SAML setup window:
    • Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL
    • Identity Provider Issuer
    • X.509 Certificate


  14. Click "CONFIRM" in 0patch Central SAML setup window. You can edit the configuration in the Single Sign-On tab of 0patch Central Account section.


  15. After configuring SAML in 0patch Central, return to Okta Admin Console and go to Applications -> Applications->Your newly created app->Assignments
  16. If you don’t have Okta users with emails corresponding to 0patch users, create them.
  17. Assign these Okta users to your newly created App integration.


  18. Users should now have the App integration on their Okta End-user Dashboard and should be able to login to 0patch Central by clicking on it.
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