0Patch pop-up steals focus in Win7 Pro

I was just about to recommend buying 0Patch to my spouse when she was about to tell me she was ready to uninstall it!

Problem: I have a Win7 Home Premium machine, everything's fine, she has a Win7 Pro one. We have both the same notification settings, i.e. Only tell me about important things. (Sorry, am on my Linux machine now and don't know the EXACT wording.)

Whereas I have no problem with 0Patch -- the little pop-up just shows up for a second or so, not interrupting anything -- on my wife's machine, it doesn't stay that much longer, but it steals focus and doesn't give it back once it pops down again. She has games crashing because of it and has typed text in vain without result before noticing that no text appeared where she thought it would.

Is this a known bug? Is there anything in the Win7 Pro settings I could change? Please save our marital bliss. :)


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